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New Hair

Stayin active, and what not.
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you, are. great.
whats cookin good lookin?
be my girlfriend
I would, but I'm already married.
And the line to hit this is around the block
you are amazing.
AWESOME! just decided THATS the hair that i want!
style bite much?
YES. STEALY MCSTEALINGTON. i've been trying to decideweather to stay black or go platinum WHITE. i love your combination.
I think I may love you.


November 3 2005, 01:20:24 UTC 11 years ago

it looks amazing!!!
Tell your parents I said thank you for making such a good looking person.
Mmm your hair really is just stunning.
P.S. I just happen to notice we both live in Austin. I think that makes you about 10 times cooler than before. If that was even possible.
I am LOVIN' your style, girl!